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About us

CASTELUX represents the tradition of the most refined hand made embroidery, applied in the artistic design of tables textiles. Inspired by ancestral knowledge, the brand was born within a family with multiple generations of experience in the art of Portuguese traditional embroidery.

CASTELUX products are manufactured in linen of the highest quality and embroidered with delicate hemstitch and fine embroidery, typical of the Vale de Sousa region, which is located at the heart of the Romanesque Route in the north of Portugal.

This way, CASTELUX aims to offer you the most luxurious hand embroidered textile articles for the table.

We spend some of the most important moments of our life at the table, with our family and our friends. Our greatest wish is that our customers throughout the world recognise in CASTELUX the perfect source of inspiration so that these moments become even more memorable.


Our mission is to provide people around the world the most luxurious hand-embroidered table linen articles.


Our vision is that CASTELUX be recognised worldwide for the utmost refinement of its hand-embroidered table linen articles.



We thoroughly invest in the hand-made quality of our products, aiming to meet the most demanding expectations of our clients.


This is the base of our foundation. Combining tradition with an innovative design, we permanently try to fully combine the refinement at the table with the traditional Portuguese embroidery.


Each CASTELUX piece is exclusive and results from the unique mastery that each of our craftswomen place in their work, the love for the hand embroidery art. The possibility of customisation combined with the precious hand-made work gives each article a personal charisma, making each moment at the table a special event.

Social responsibility

With our activity of promoting the traditional Portuguese embroidery, we are contributing to an improvement in the society, through a conduct ruled by the concern for the environment and by a policy of integrated and sustainable development.


The tradition of the hand-made embroidery of the North of Portugal carries with it a cultural treasure, by representing a timeless heritage that distinguish us and that we wish to perpetuate in the future.

People as the ultimate asset

The human resources are the base of CASTELUX success, being our most precious asset. They are our past and our present, and with our craftswomen we will fulfil the vision that inspires us.

Our team

Our craftswomen

The secret of the unique quality of the CASTELUX products is based on the expertise of the magic hands of our embroiderers.

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