Adelaide Oliveira

Adelaide Oliveira is 49 years old and was born in the parish of Airães, in the municipality of Felgueiras. She currently lives in the parish of Vila Cova da Lixa, in Lixa.
She started learning the hand-made embroidery art when she was a child, as it was common. She made her first stitches at the young age of 8, taught by her mother and grandmother. She grew up in a family of embroiderers, and her mother, her aunts and a sister still embroider. In addition, she has already taught her daughter.
During her professional life, she had training in Casa do Risco, the entity responsible for the certification of the Embroidery of the Sousa region.
She is an expert in fine embroidery, namely in making monograms, and she has a special taste for the Portuguese open work.
Nowadays, Adelaide is one of the main artists responsible for the development of the wonderful hand-made pieces of CASTELUX and, additionally, she is part of the department of training, research and innovation of HEARTS, a hand-made embroidery company.