Fernanda Reis

Fernanda Reis is 46 years old and was born in the parish of Mancelos, in the municipality of Amarante, where she still lives.
She started learning to embroider with a neighbour when she was 7 years old. According to tradition, this art was usually taught by older ladies to small girls from the same place. She also learned the Portuguese open work with her mother, who still today practices this kind of work. Afterwards, she improved her embroidery technique with Judite Pinheiro, from whom she received training in the scope of a programme promoted by the Portuguese Institute of Employment and Professional Training.
Fernanda is an expert in the embroidery of Drawn Threads, and she particularly enjoys embroidering more complicated details. She has also taught this art to her neighbours.
Currently, Fernanda is the artist that coordinates the execution of Drawn Threads at CASTELUX and she collaborates with the department of training, research and innovation of HEARTS, a hand-made embroidery company, in the creation of innovative hand-made products.